Bad Link, Good Link<br />Good: legibile, navigable, informative<br /><br /> too artsy, non-intuitive navigation, crazy visual noise

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  1. admin says:

    Please separate your good link and bad link. If you want to add HTML, you can do so by clicking the “code” tab in the text box where you added your links. You could also use the rich text tab to add formatting.

    Cool choice. The site is clear, and the use of white space ads to readability. However, you could also argue that the site requires to much scrolling to read because the designer chose to provide text in such a narrow column.

    This site is a good example of balancing clarity with character. As we have discussed in class, the approach results in spartan, boring design often. This site could fall prey to that, but it contains touches of character such as the image stack in studio, the tone and content of the tweets, the spark navigation, etc.

    As for your bad link, we discussed it in class, but I should admonish critique on “too artsy.” There is a place for these designs. Following with the theme of the course, audience dominates the big three in interaction design (ease,enjoyment and function).

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