Emily Wait

; http://www.bemboszoo.com/


·      This site is really fun, allowing the users to click on the individual letters and then plays a flash animation of an animal being created out of these letters.  It is very simple, and would especially be good for small children because of its simplicity.

·      Before clicking on each individual letter, running your mouse over each letter will cause it to spin and make a sound, adding another level of play to the site.  This feature is also helpful for small children who may have not mastered hand-eye coordination yet.

·      One major drawback to this site is the opening question, flash or no flash? Small children, who this site is designed for, would not know which to click on to enter the site.


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  1. admin says:

    Good example of playful design. The play with type is interesting. This stie comes up often for this reason. Another point, the link for “click here if you don’t have Flash” is funny – it brings you to a page to download Flash instead of showing a non-flash version of the page.

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