Emily Wait



·      This site does not respond to anything but the user’s click on a link. It is not interactive and is a pretty boring site for the user to navigate.

·      This site is really, really ugly. There is nothing extravagant about the design of this site.  Also some of the images on this site are at such a low resolution that the readability is almost gone.

·      There is a lot of information on this site, but I am not sure it is organized very well.  Sometimes when you click on a link it opens a new tab and sometimes it does not.  This makes the navigation of the site a little messy in my opinion, and can be especially confusing if the user wants to go back and can’t remember which window was opened by clicking on a link or not.

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  1. admin says:

    Agreed. It is a good example of what Nielsen discusses – inconsistency. If you want to open new windows, you need to design a specific set of rules with which the user will be comfortable. So, for example, the easiest to understand is no new windows/or always new windows. I like the rule, new window of external site, same window if same domain. But, that’s not clear to many users. You will find different people/employers are comfortable with varied conventions.

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