good link 1 this site on the other hand is very well done. it is a portfolio site including illustrations photos and websites. it moves fluently and has a simple nice design

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  1. admin says:

    Agreed, nice and clean. An enjoyable experience, but also easy to use. You’ll notice that the URL you provided doesn’t work. That’s a small usability problem. The site uses an odd navigation setup (probably to support the cool behaviors). You need to drop the #/main for the site to load properly ( This is only a problem in bookmarking and sharing the URL. Large news sites have tried to balance this problem. They once had to balance server side links and session information with the ability to link and forward links to people. This is still a problem for some sites, but in general we have solved this with a variety of solutions (permalinks, URI’s – for DTD’s, extremely long file names, multiple copies of each page,redirects,etc).

    Next round, please try to be a little more detailed in, for example, where the simplicity is derived. Is it from choices in color, composition, etc.

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