Good link and Bad look 1

good great photo sharing website for inspiration. Can control the browsing with the up down keys and go forward and backward with the left right keys. Also provides origin links and related searches.

bad same great photo sharing inspiration site, even has a better related images function. But you need to scroll and this can get annoying with the scroll buttons. This makes users use the above good link instead due to usibility.

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  1. admin says:

    Taylor, your observations about were better articulated in class. You identified the high affinity between chosen functions and user need. It is not only that keyboard navigation is supported, it is that the navigation affords its browsing-oriented users easy, comfortable indexing.

    It is great that you found two sites that we can compare. You are right, Dropular makes it much easier to browser simply by allowing us to navigate via keys. The little bits of design that are integrated into dropular simply make it a better overall site.

    In the future please separate good link from bad link (one post each). Both sites are good finds for the assignment and theme..

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