Good/Bad Interactivity

I am Always Hungry: portfolio website, highly interactive, great design

Aaron’s Stats 261 Page:  no interactivity. EVERYTHING is spit out onto one page. the definition of no interactivity….

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  1. admin says:

    Really interesting good site. Try to stay away from highly interactive as a bullet point. TRy to unpack interactive into more discrete concepts or observations. What about the interactivity is good other than the fact that is plentiful. Likewise, why is it a great design (aesthetics, function, etc).

    Your bad site, is a tricky one. It’s an information dump on a single page. You are right it is not interactive, but it’s probably not supposed to be. If you needed information for your stats class, what would you want, high interactivity or high information visibility and resolution? For your next run, try to find a professional or semi-professional site. This site has some graphic design issues, and some information design issues, but for its audience is probably fairly effective – it’s not as useful as blackboard (which I don’t like), but everything on one page might make sense here. It might not, but it might.

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