Flying Concrete is an American who has lived and worked in Mexico for half of his career. A potter who has branched into architecture, his work is perhaps not in line with Calatrava, but I think it’s awesome! He uses a readily available material to create inexpensive yet thoroughly unique, customizable architectural elements and buildings. In addition to being inexpensive, they’re fairly efficient and, word has it, sustainable. One would imagine that his clientele would be avant garde, with intermediate knowledge of design and, surmisably, some solid experience with technology. Maybe those are pretty quick, broad generalizations but I don’t think they’re far off the mark. Anyway, this artist/architect’s website is NOT a reflection of anything avant garde, design concious or technologically advanced… the javascript menu is clumsy, not to mention a little difficult to see and the menu font is significantly smaller than the text of the main body text, diminishing the importance of navigating … (which sort of makes the menu pointless…) This is an example of a website that is NOT harmonious with technology and the needs/desires of its target audience.

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    Great overview and good foundation for discussion. It is very surprising that this is a recently updated site (July 2009). Your observation that the site is not “NOT a reflection of anything avant garde, design conscious or technologically advanced” – is right on point. Good sites are much like package design, we should be able to read the qualities of the site to determine what’s inside. Some use of “tech colors”, design savvy framing and composition or other clear applications of the attributes claimed by the author would really help. This site detracts from their credibility than a simple plug and play gallery of their work would have.

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    Forgot to mention that this is a model bad link and write up about the site. Please use bullet points to improve browsability – remember how we read on the web.

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