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For my bad link I chose I chose this website because it seems like it is based more towards children and the overall design is very cluttered and focused on the center of the page. Also there is that annoying space up at the top that is solely for video advertisements which are always annoying. Some of the navigation doesn’t really make sense overall, the categories seem very random and not organized. Let alone the buttons or square that is used for the navigation seems very sloppy. How is cool stuff going to help you find anything? It is just random and broad. The functionality doesn’t seem like its all there. I mean after you click on a category and it goes to another page the navigation gets a little bit better and focused on the right. But then when you click on a category it takes you too a pretty long list of sub categories that for most viewers will just give up because they don’t want to sift through all the crap.

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  1. admin says:

    I think your observations are fair and directed. It seems like a resource for after-school research. It reminds me of late 90’s encyclopedic website. Depending on intended audience, we might want to file this next to the old WowBanking website.

    I should emphasize that one of the trickiest design tasks for a website is to make something that is kid-friendly without making it look sloppy, underdeveloped or amateur. I haven’t seen many people do it well, but even when it is done well it is easy to undervalue all the work that went into it. I don’t think this site is really all that invested in its design, but it may be an attempt at kid friendly design.

    You’d really have to ask what their ad-server is doing if it was a child-oriented site. I got ads for booking flights and video conferencing, but the ads may be generated from some cookies I have from other sites. There may be much more harmony in the advertising banner if the adverstiing resource is based off of a child’s browsing. However, even then, adults and children may use the same computer.

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