Caitlin: Bad Link of all, your eye has no idea what to look at. The background is blinking with crazy patterns and neon colors. There are so many different designs going on that the links get totally lost. Furthermore, the font they picked is hard to read when being mixed with everything else.

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  1. admin says:

    Oh, so sad, I love M.I.A but here is a web design travesty. I think the goal was to make some urban-styled aesthetic in a web design. Intense, exciting and graffiti-dense. If you look at the styling of Dancehall stars the aesthetic decisions make so much more sense. It is an original design and perhaps there is a question of audience here. Watch videos like bird Flu and you’ll get a sense for the density packed into both the music and the music. We could talk for hours about how M.I.A.’s music is college of emblems from Dancehall Reggae, her Sri-Lankan past, etc, etc, but that wouldn’t make this site any easier to palette for “mainstream audiences.” Even if we “excuse the design” as audience specific, I’d emphasize that metaphor is so tricky I usually tell people to stay far, far away from it. A website is not a wall, it’s a website.

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