Good Link 2 — Mike

For my good link this week I chose I chose this website because for the target audience, the rich and famous, this is a pretty good site. The video at the beginning shows that they are all focused on you and that when you come to our island that you will never have to do any work and we will be at you’re beck and call. It has pretty easy functionality. It looks very clean, crisp, and beautiful. The navigation is very easy and folds up and down. It is very picture oriented and is not very text oriented which is good for the purpose of the site. They explain the activities and services on the island by showing you through pictures with very minimal text. They are trying to convince the viewer that this is going to be the most relaxing, comfortable, fun, and amazing vacation they have ever been on while promoting class, quality, and the best experience. Most people if they are looking at this site have a lot of money and don’t really care too much about the details of cost and what many people worry about when booking a hotel.

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