GoodLink2_Michelle a website advertising a new oven techology that allows you to virtually cook different kinds of dishes-all the necessary information is available-you can compare the time the new oven takes compared to the conventional time-depending on what dish you decide to cook, it automatically highlights the features in charge and that are needed to make that dish-you also have the option to see the finished dish-there is also a human chef interacting with you.I think this is a very successful website, because it functions the same way as the product it is advertising. The websites is as simple to use as the oven itself. The link between product an website is very clear and well made. If you know how to use the website to virtually cook a dish, you also know how to do the same on the actual oven.Really well done in delivering that message of simplicity to the user. After playing around on the website, it really made me want to purchase the product 🙂

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