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I chose http://thetoke.com as my bad link for its lack of harmony between technology and audience need.  The website itself is pretty cool, and his layouts are interesting.  But it takes some time to figure out what things are, how to get to them, how to get back, etc.  There are almost too many viewing choices, without any of them offering a clean, simple, interface that an internet newbie would be able to handle.  He took full advantage of the technology at hand, however he may have left some members of his audience behind.

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  1. admin says:

    Great observations. Once we get past the initial experience we are left with the less than shiny experience of actually having to use it. The site feels like a car that seems great until you actually own it. Practical matters like being able to drive, steer and get you to your destination return as important concerns. The early 200’s Jaguar X-Type comes to mind, although it probably wasn’t that bad a car.

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