Haley – Imperfect Information Architecture

Victory Lane Chrome Shop though chrome might get a lot of street cred, this website certainly doesn’t.

– It’s overwhelming. Where do you go first?

– Navigation is redundant and haphazard. Redundant navigation is so annoying. You never know if you’re going to get the same thing, or some new, helpful information. Also, the cursor for the gray navigation bar on top is a text cursor (I’m not sure what the technical name for that is, but scroll over it and you’ll know what I mean) which is confusing for people that don’t have design/internet experience. Do you click? Or are those words there as a teaser??

– There’s no aesthetic cohesion. There are several navigation sets, all using different fonts, different backgrounds, some links appear as buttons, some appear as text, and some are simply icons. Super confusing as well as ugly.

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