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Eye-Tracking Session Schedule- First come-First Serve

Thursday, October 8th, 2009

On Thursday, October 29th you will be receiving your eye tracking equipment training.  You will need to have a 4-5 images of your intended design ready for the session. Each training session will only be about 30 minutes long, and you will be in self-organized groups of 4-5 students (your tables again?).  As a courtesy, I’d like to stack  the appointments. Are any of the following 2 hour blocks resonable?12-2: Thursday: October 292-4: Thursday October 29th4-6: Thursday October 29thThese sessions replace your normal class session on 10/29, providing you ample time to work or shift your schedule.   Your 11/2 class session will be substituted with a self organized usability paper session or eye tracking session.Please respond as a comment to this thread. As a cohort, I assume most of you have similar class scheduling conflicts.  Again, it would be best if we simply put everyone in the same 2 hour block (4 half hour group sessions).  We will talk about this in class too.

Week 1 Links

Monday, August 31st, 2009

 Here are a few of the links and resources I shared with you from week 1:


The game we played:

The designers et al. we discussed:

 And an organization with which you should be familiar: The W3C